Margarita Morozova Margarita MorozovaMD, Ph. D.

Dr. M. Morozova, M.D., Ph.D., is the Chief of the laboratory of psychopharmacology of the National Center of Mental Health of Russian Academy of Medical Science.
After graduation from the Moscow Medical Academy, she served as the research worker at the department of adult psychotic disorders. In 1995, she became a chief of a newly created laboratory of psychopharmacology. She successfully finished her PhD study “The course and prognosis of bipolar affective disorders with predominance of manic states” and later obtained her degree of doctor of medical sciences by successfully completing her study “ Structural – dynamic analysis of clinical response to antipsychotic treatment: mechanism and prognosis of clinical reaction in patients with schizophrenia”. She participated as principal investigator in numerous clinical trials of new psychotropic agents and is a scientific adviser for a number of international and local pharmaceutical companies. Her main research interests are: cognitive dysfunction in patients with schizophrenia (role in forming of the clinical picture, methods of improvement of cognitive dysfunction); pharmacokinetic analysis as an approach to facilitate selection of individual treatment program in patients with schizophrenia; treatment prognosis in patients with schizophrenia (clinical, psychological and biological features). She has authored more than 60 publications in local and international journals.