Dr. Andrey A. Ivashchenko is Chairman of the Board of Directors, ChemRar High Tech Center (CRTC, Moscow, Russia), which includes several dozens of biotech and pharmaceutical companies. He is Member of EU-Russia Industrialists’ Round Table Council, the Expert Board of the Biomedicine Cluster, “Skolkovo”, the Supervisory Board of Biopharmcluster “Northern”, the Supervisory Board of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), the Board “Phystech-Union”, and has been on the Government Council for development of pharmaceutical and medical industries (2011-2012), and the Presidential Council for Science, Technology and Education, (2011-2012).
The main activity of Dr. A.A. Ivashchenko is focused on the establishment and management of international biotech and pharmaceutical projects (500 employees) including custom research for early drug discovery and development, chemoinformatics, clinical trials and life-science business incubators.
Previously (1991-1995) efforts of A. A. Ivashchenko were focused on establishment and management of international IT projects (400 employees): OEM production, global logistics and systems integration. During this period he was a Senior Consultant, CEO, CFO, VP business development, INEL group (Moscow, Russia).
Dr. A.A. Ivashchenko graduated from MIPT (1990) and obtained a MBA degree in the Singapore branch of University of London (1994)H defended his Ph.D. dissertation (“Models and methods of organizational projects management”) at MIPT (2004) and his Dr. Sci. thesis (“Models and Methods for Managing Innovative Company Development”) at the V.A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is Honorary Professor of MIPT (2010).