Chairman of the Board, CSO

Dr. Alexandre V. Ivachtchenko is CEO and CSO, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board of Alla Chem, LLC. He is the founder of several companies, including ChemDiv, Inc. (1991, USA), IF, Ltd. (1995, Ukraine), Institute of Combinatorial Organic Synthesis of Biologically Active Substances (1998, Ukraine), Chemical Diversity Research Institute (?DRI, 2003, Russia), AllaChem, LLC. (2004, USA), and Avineuro Pharm., Inc. (2008, USA). He sits as the Scientific Supervisor and member of the Board of Directors of ChemDiv, AllaChem, Avineuro, ?DRI, Center for High Technology ChimRar (Russia), and other companies.
Professor Ivachtchenko is a world-renown expert in the fields of fine organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry. Under his leadership, a number of novel drug candidates, including those for treatment of cancers, hepatitis C, influenza, Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia, were discovered and advanced to clinical studies.
Earlier in his career (1973-1990), Professor Ivachtchenko was engaged in the development of organic materials for electronic devices, including liquid crystals. He held a number of positions of growing responsibilities (up to Laboratory Head) at the Research Institute of Organic Intermediates and Dyes, USSR Ministry of Chemical Ministry (Moscow, 1973-1994), and served as Deputy Geneal Director, Scientific Research Institute of Chemical Reagents and High Purity Chemicals (IREA), USSR Ministry of Chemical Industry (1994-1999).
Professor Ivachtchenko obtained his Diploma (MS equivalent) from St.-Petersburg State Institute of Technology (1968), his Ph.D. from IREA (1973), his Dr. Chem. Sci. (Dr. Habil. equivalent) from the Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia (1982), and became Professor in organic chemistry in 1988 (Higher Attestation Commission, USSR Council of Ministry Heads). His dissertation works (Ph.D. & Dr. Chem. Sci.) are made in the specialty “Chemical technology of thin organic synthesis”. He holds a number of honorary titles, including Honored Inventor of Russia (1984), USSR State Prize winner (1983) and the Prize of the USSR Council of Ministry Heads Prize winner (1989). Professor Ivachtchenko is an author of over 500 scientific publications and over 250 patents.